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Dango Web Solutions.

Website Creation At It's Best.

At Dango Web Solutions we create stunning websites from templates that are extremely customizable and comes with tons of cool addons!


Paid Clients

Paid Clients allow us to stay alive and help provide free hosting to all.


Free Clients

Free Clients use our services free of cost, but get less resources.



Members receive messages and updates from us and can get support through our Discord Server.



Partners advertise our server and help us grow, and we do the same for them.

  • We have everything you need to launch and grow your online presence.

    • Website Creation

      We'll create an amazing website for you.

    • Web Hosting

      We'll host your website, shop, or blog.

    • Discord Bot Creation

      We'll create a cool bot for your server.

    • Discord Bot Hosting

      We'll host your bot on fast webservers.

    • Secure'M

      HTML CSS and JS webpage hosting with MFA login.

    • Soar CDN

      Boost your Web Hosting with Dedicated CDN.

  • Matrix Development OutBreak Blacklist Solutions IceHosting


  • Logan

    • "Holy hell, this is legit, I was like at first, you sure this is legit and not tryna take ma shit? And then when Faisal got it up and running, it proved he was legit. So I'm gonna make sure he is well known, and that he will be keeping his sites going. If he ever decides to shut it down, it'll make a lot of people mad, 2 reasons, 1 their sites, 2 he put to much great effort into his sites, and somehow he has managed to come this far even while he is in school. It'll piss me off because of how much great work he put into and he is just pissing it all away, so yea, moral of it, 20/10, and he is very legit, and that if I wanted a very custom email, he is there, for FREE!! I mean he is a holy shit legit one person, he may have a team, I'm not sure. But oh my god, a student in school created this type, holy sh- he is very smart for a kid like him, I'm not sure about his age, like me knowing a shit load more than the average 16 yo knows, like a lot about tech and medical, anyway, this wraps it up, great job faisal for this, and thank you for this moment, I appreciate it and make sure to keep what I said in DMs in mind when you see your business pop up on a very popular site hopefully one day And as I got a free custom email, he still gets the job done, even tho probably 90% of his clients would do the free package. Big businesses like this is a holy ahit whopping 100-600 USD maybe, probably even more But in long story short My exact words are OH MY FUCKING GOD"
  • Magistral Boy

    • "amazing host very nice fast and above all good attention I give it a 10000/10"

Dango Web Solutions

Website Creation At It's Best.

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